Launch 1 – 23rd February

The BLAST Team are excited to announce that our “real” first launch will be this weekend! Weather conditions look good, and we are looking to launch from the same place we mentioned last time, Dover’s Hill, Gloucestershire, between 10am and 12pm on Saturday 23rd February.

If weather conditions worsen, we might postpone the launch to Sunday 24th, but seems unlikely at the moment.

On this launch we plan to get our first hands-on experience with a full launch using SHARP, and we are hoping to collect some data with the smartphone, which will be placed below SHARP, inside the mounting plate and the thermal protection we designed. We are also going to measure the temperature, to make sure the thermal protection is working effectively.

Everyone is welcome to come along if they would like, feel free to contact us if needed!

More information about our launch site and how to track the balloon can be found in the following link:!topic/ukhas/LdxHLNq5_jA

Launch info update

We have aborted the full launch this weekend. The most recent HABHUB predictions suggest that the the track will be unfavourable on both Saturday and Sunday. We have entertained the idea of overfilling the balloon and also an early cutdown, however this still leaves us heading within the M25 and London airspaces.

As mentioned before, we will now instead conduct a tethered launch at the University of Southampton Broadlands Car Park. This will take place from 0900-1400 on Saturday 8th December. Anyone is welcome to come if they so wish.

See you on Saturday!

Our first launch is coming up

The BLAST team are excited to announce that our first launch will be next weekend! Weather permitting, we are looking to launch from Dover’s Hill, Gloucestershire around midday on either Saturday 8th of Sunday 9th, whichever is most favourable.

If we are unable to find favourable conditions we have planned an alternative tethered launch to take place. This will be at the University of Southampton Broadland’s car park on Saturday 8th between 0900 and 1500.

The final decision between full or tethered launch will be made at 1500 on Wednesday so stay tuned. We will be more than happy to welcome you along if you fancy finding out more.

Everyone has been working hard with SHARP and the Android Smartphone and we hope this weekend will showcase our efforts for the first time.

Welcome to Project BLAST

Through this website we will keep up updated with our work, please feel free to have a look around and don’t forget you can also find us on the social networks!