Launch 1 – 23rd February

The BLAST Team are excited to announce that our “real” first launch will be this weekend! Weather conditions look good, and we are looking to launch from the same place we mentioned last time, Dover’s Hill, Gloucestershire, between 10am and 12pm on Saturday 23rd February.

If weather conditions worsen, we might postpone the launch to Sunday 24th, but seems unlikely at the moment.

On this launch we plan to get our first hands-on experience with a full launch using SHARP, and we are hoping to collect some data with the smartphone, which will be placed below SHARP, inside the mounting plate and the thermal protection we designed. We are also going to measure the temperature, to make sure the thermal protection is working effectively.

Everyone is welcome to come along if they would like, feel free to contact us if needed!

More information about our launch site and how to track the balloon can be found in the following link:!topic/ukhas/LdxHLNq5_jA

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