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The journey continues

But this time not on a high altitude balloon but with Cygnus ISS resupply craft and beyond. This project is being continued with the aim to develop and fly a CubeSat in Space; most likely deploying from the International Space Station with Nano Racks. This will be the first CubeSat built at the University of [...]

Cubesat Assembly

Our cubesat is now fully functional and ready to be assembled into its final configuration!

Launch 3 Final Update

The BLAST Team is sad to announce that the launch has been cancelled. As you are probably already aware of, weather conditions have not been favourable to say the least. Due to strong winds (gusts at the launch site and strong easterly jet streams) we have decided to abort the launch. The image below shows [...]

Launch 3 Update

Sadly, weather keeps working against us. Tomorrow’s launch has been moved to Friday, and a final decision will be taken tomorrow at lunchtime to decide whether the launch is going to happen or not. As you can see, tomorrow’s jet streams bring us too close to London, while on Friday are the gusts on the [...]

Launch 3 Update

There will be no launch tomorrow (25/03/2013) as the weather does not look favourable. Next launch window will be Wednesday to Friday next week, when the weather seems to become better again, fingers crossed! Stay tuned for more updates!

Launch 3 Update

Unfortunately we had to abort any possible launch for the weekend, as weather conditions are not what we were hoping for. Sadly there are chances of snow as well as heavy winds that would make the setup for the launch extremely difficult. The next possible date we are looking at is Monday; expect an update [...]

Southampton University Science and Engineering Day

The BLAST team is excited to announce that we will participate in the Science and Engineering Day, hosted by the University of Southampton, on Saturday 16th March, as part of the National Science and Engineering Week. The university aims to inspire interest in these fascinating subjects and demonstrate how exciting they can be. The event [...]

Cubesat Manufacturing Update

We are proud to announce that the manufacturing phase of the cubesat has now finished and we are now ready to move onto assembling the 3D printed PCB racks, communications and smartphone components! Pictures and videos of parts of the manufacturing process follow:

Launch 2 report – 2nd March

As previously stated, the aim of the launch was to give the project group experience at launching and recovering a high altitude balloon with a payload. We also planned to fly SHARP in its modified form for the first time carrying with it the BLAST smartphone running the custom built application. Data from the smartphone [...]

Launch 1 update – 23rd February

Unfortunately we have had to abort tomorrows launch because of unforeseen circumstances. This is obviously very disappointing for the group as a lot of work has gone in over the last fortnight to prepare ourselves for this weekend. We will now take this effort and attempt to launch next weekend (2nd/3rd), weather dependent. Further information [...]