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SHARP & High Altitude Ballooning Practices

by Luca Degasper Overview SHARP – which stands for Southampton High Altitude Reusable Platform – was developed last year as part of another Group Design Project ( Its primary objective is to allow any payload to be tested in the upper atmosphere using a high altitude balloon, enabling tracking and recovery. Southampton High Altitude Reusable [...]

Communications Subsystem Design

by Michael Moore This episode of technical corner will be regarding the design of our communications systems that satellite uses. When looking to create a communications system for our CubeSat we first looked at the possibility of using the on board communications systems of our phone, the available communications were through the GSM networks (the [...]

Cubesat Manufacture

by Stephen Lewis A key part of Project BLAST has been the manufacture of the cubesat itself. With modern manufacture techniques, producing metal parts can appear to be as simple as putting a block of metal on a CNC milling machine, uploading a CAD drawing to it and pushing ‘go’. In reality, there is a [...]

Thermal Design

by Sarah Varley When designing anything that goes into space there is a lot of consideration into the thermal environment that the object will encounter. Depending on the mission, temperatures on board can reach exceedingly low levels, and these extreme environments can cause parts or even the whole satellite to shut down. Thermal engineers design [...]

Mobile Phone Selection Criteria

by Marco Placidi In any engineering application, from aircrafts to solar panels, the process to achieve a final product is long and complex, and it might be hard for an outsider to grasp all the hard work that needs to be done to even to take the simplest decisions. Throughout the years, many methodologies have [...]